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Process Modeler Tool

This process modeler was a 10 week project at an internship by Paul Bliudzius and I. The purpose of this project was to create a UI modeler tool for their exisiting process creator.


Talisman was a 10 week project in which Paul Bliudzius, Alex Crowley, and I set out to digitally recreate the popular boardgame Talisman in java, for education purposes only. Repo Here. The purpose of this project was to discover first hand how useful testing can be. A requirement of this project was that 70% of our 2500+ lines of code were tested in a meaningful way, which ranged from unit test, to full intergration testing.

Sigma Nu at Rose Hulman Website

Sigma Nu at Rose Hulman
As Sigma Nu RHIT Technology Chairman, I created and maintained a website for my fraternity, Sigma Nu, Beta Upsilon chapter.

A side project I did for Sigma Nu at RHIT

Load Runner - PacMan remake

Chaz Evans and myself recreated the classic game Lode Runner with a pacman twist in only 2 weeks! This game made for educational purposes. This was my first programming project and was written in java.

Rose-Hulman Cafeteria Database

Kevin Trizna and I created an easy to access database for our colleges's cafeteria, more commonly known amongst students as the ARA. Visitors to the site can quickly see what is being served for the next meal and when it starts and ends. Once registered, users can leave reviews, ratings, recipes and like other's recipes. Repo Here . This project was created using PHP, mySQL, HTML, and javascript.

iRobot Controller

Chaz Evans, Doug Bickel, Jordan Patterson, and I created an iRobot controller in python in just 2 weeks! This was my group first programming project.